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  • Company Profile

    Company Profile

    PICC Capital Investment Management Company Limited (“PICC Capital”) is the main alternative investment platform of PICC Group. We are a leading private multi-asset alternative investment firm in China which creates lasting impact for investors.

    We have developed deep industry understanding and local market expertise since our founding in 2009, and have been constantly improving our portfolio. As a leading alternative asset manager, PICC Capital partners with institutional investors both within PICC system and with external capital sources. As a careful steward of PICC Group’s insurance capital, we strive to provide stable long-term returns to our clients and partners despite of volatile market conditions.

    Leveraging on our brand, network and channel advantages of PICC Group, PICC Capital has been a versatile financing solutions provider to both governments and corporations. We invest in a wide range of sectors including infrastructure, energy & resources, inclusive finance, technology innovation and healthcare. Rooted in fix income investments, we have successfully expanded to equity investments and continuously exploring new opportunities to generate stable and sustainable returns to our investors.

    Corporate Culture

    Corporate Culture

    • Mission

      People's Insurance Serves The People

    • Core Values

      To adhere to new growth model
      Thrive on specialties
      Prosper by innovation
      Govern with uprightness

    • Vision

      To make PICC a reliable and excellent brand

    Honors and Awards

    Honors and Awards

    The Distinction of National Advanced Financial Entities of 2018-2019 Ideological and Political Work in 2019 by Research Association of Ideological and Political Work of China Financial Institutions

    The Second Prize of Innovative Works in 2018 by Insurance Asset Management Association of China for Debt Database Establishment and Risk Assessment Project

    The Second Prize of Innovative Products in 2016 by Insurance Asset Management Association of China for PICC Capital - Suzhou Science and Technology Innovation Equity Investment Program

    The First Prize of Creative Products in 2016 by Insurance Asset Management Association of China for PICC Capital - CSCEC Maritime Silk Road Infrastructure PPP Project Equity Investment Program (Phase I)

    The First Prize of Innovative Products in 2016 by Insurance Asset Management Association of China for PICC Innovative Products for Supporting Agricultural and Small Enterprises

    The First Prize in 2015 by Insurance Asset Management Association of China for Guangdong (PICC) Equity Investment Program for Revitalizing and Developing Industrial Investment Funds in the Eastern, Northern and Western Regions of Guangdong

    Join Us

    Join Us

    At PICC Capital, we help build long-term careers by investing in you. We seek to create an environment that cultivates your career advancement and personal growth, as we believe your success is our success.


    Talents with various educational, work and cultural backgrounds are welcome to apply for related positions.


    Recruitment Email: hr001@picc.com.cn

    Email Subject: Name+Position

    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Address8th Floor, No. 88, West Chang’an Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

    Zip Code100031

    Tel.+86 010-83561999

    Fax+86 010-83561900


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